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Cloud Solutions

With our cloud solutions, you will become more competitive in your space.

We deliver cloud solutions with following vendors

  • AWS
  • MicroSoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Atlas Cloud

We provide the following cloud solutions

  • CDN
  • Active Directories
  • Application Service
  • Geo- Redundant
  • Disaster Recovery
  • File Storages
  • Security
  • Traffic Management
  • SQL and No Sql Database- Mongo DB
  • Enterprise Cache
  • Code Instrumentation

We would help you build your application with resilience and deploy your application letting it take advantage of scale. 

With Cloud, You will be able to get more uptime for your web applications. In addition serving your local customers, you will be able to serve the customers around the world wide and be able to do it in an more efficient. You will be able to be more agile with cloud applications.